• Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own

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    Neil Sanders, presents a ‘sales seminar’ like no other; taking you through the tricks of the marketing trade to allow you to more effectively manipulate the perceptions of your consumers and become successful and efficient salesmen.

    Volume One

    Details the facts and disclosed evidence of mind control programmes and experimentation performed by governments and government agencies across the world

    Volume Two

    Details the broader aspects of mind manipulation and social control.How can advertisers shape belief without our knowledge?

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We need to wake up to the media’s subconscious attack


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In the first volume of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Neil Sanders exposes the evidence for officially sanctioned mind control programs.

Sanders has degrees in psychology, film and media studies and is a qualified hypnotherapist.

He’s spent years collecting and analysing declassified documents, scientific papers, court transcripts, confessions from doctors and testimony from victims and whistleblowers.

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