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Every so often you encounter a book that can change your whole perspective or simply smash your perceptions wide open.

Sometimes you can read a piece of fiction that makes you stop and think about the world we live in by holding up a mirror for us to analyse the reflection through metaphor and cunning narrative traits but some authors prefer to deal in cold, hard fact.

This book is not for the faint hearted, and if you prefer to live in blissful ignorance then I would recommend that you dig out some Mills and Boon, but if you feel like taking a nightmarish reality check then this book (and the subsequent volume 2) offer a brutal account of the behind the scenes activities of those we trust to protect us.

Neil Sanders has done a lot of research to bring you a definitive insight into the truly terrifying techniques used in the quest for control of the human mind. Fascinating and frightening in equal measures.

Nexus Magazine

Your Thoughts Are Not our Own : Volume One reviewed in the Nexus Magazine 

In the first volume of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Neil Sanders exposes the evidence for officially sanctioned mind control programs. Sanders has degrees in psychology, film and media studies and is a qualified hypnotherapist. He’s spent years collecting and analysing declassified documents, scientific papers, court transcripts, confessions from doctors and testimony from victims and whistleblowers.

Sanders traces the start of the modern era of mind control to work conducted by the forerunner of the Tavistock psychological think tank: The Tavistock Clinic in London, which studied trauma effects and human breaking points during and after World War I. He examines the origins, objectives and architects of mind control programs, names key doctors who have worked in them and gives details of their methods including psychotropic drugs, torture, implants, hypnosis and psychotronic and microwave weaponry. He also presents the tragic stories of CIA MK ULTRA victims recruited as children to become “presidential model” sex slaves, the evidence for programmed assassins and the anomalies surrounding school shootings, spree killings and serial murders – many perpetrators having been brought up on military bases known to have centres for mind control research.

This book is not meant to frighten us. Sanders sees fear as a key aim of “the controllers” to keep us frozen in our tracks. He urges us to wake up and reappraise what’s going on from an informed perspective.

Nexus Magazine

Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Volume two review in Nexus Magazine

“In his second volume of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Neil Sanders considers mind control, mass manipulation and perception management in the light of marketing, movies, music and celebrity culture. His ironic introduction compares the marketing of brands of beer with that of diamonds by De Beers – mass mind control utilised in both instances.

Sanders highlights examples of linguistic trickery, group coercion, sensory manipulation and propaganda selling which show that as a society we’ve been sold out without even realising it. But that’s just on the marketing/PR side without even getting into films, games and other coercive media tools. Then there are the cases of media manipulation with the military’s foreign incursions.

Sanders returns to themes of his first book, showing how Tavistock and CIA experiments have shaped the music industry and youth culture over the decades. He suggests that some well known performers/actors/musicians were (and still are) mind controlled pawns of the shadow state.

We need to wake up to the media’s subconscious attack, Sanders urges and realises that government and industry are shaping the “facts”.

A book to help us think for ourselves.

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